House re-piling and levelling / house lifting / alterations / Renovations / insurance rebuilds / repairs

Our foundation team has over 35 years’ experience in foundation work.

Which includes House levelling, house lifting, house relocating, stitch repairing damaged foundations, underpinning, and placing new foundations.

The team are specialised currently in lifting/moving houses, repairing, partial or complete replacement of foundations and localised jacking and packing piles to any degree.

The experience we have in our ranks at Waghorn Foundations enables to utilise the comprehensive skill needed in this specialised line of work.

  • Multiple repairs and rebuilds completed for insurers with more underway
  • A number of full house lifts and full foundation replacements.
  • Numerous insurance cash settlement repairs
  • New house designed rib raft floor designs throughout Christchurch
  • Engineered pile driven foundations around cashmere hills
  • Numerous institute two storey concrete block fire wall and foundation reinstatement
  • Cashmere outdoor living space and concrete deck replacement