About Us

Luke and Jake Waghorn are the proud founders, owners and operators of Waghorn Builders. The brothers – identical twins – share a passion for building, a desire to make a positive contribution to their community and a vision to ensure the company that bears their name is a top rated Canterbury building company.

Given they share the same DNA, it is hardly surprising they have the same – or very, very similar – expectations, interests and ambitions. Call it a twin-thing…. it makes for a formidable commitment to achieving their clearly defined goals.

Their combined commitment, energy, expertise and drive has been behind the growth and success of their building company. What started out as an enterprising business opportunity for the two Master Builders in 2011 has grown into a reputable company that employs more than 50 professionals – including many friends and family – in an operation that is renowned for its quality, service and project delivery.

Working initially out of the Fletcher Eqr repair programme , the company achieved a Tier One status at 98% – the highest rating possible – on a large folio of projects including major repairs to significant renovations. Pride in their team, their capabilities and their workmanship means their customers can be confident of excellent results.

As the construction industry continues to build momentum in the Canterbury region, Waghorn Builders are extending their projects that has established and reinforced their reputation for quality workmanship and total commitment to client satisfaction.

Jake and Luke value their family, friends and connections they have made locally, and throughout the industry. Many of their team are friends and colleagues.